Meet one of our expert podcast guests.

Yusef Alexander

Co Founder, Reap


I am the Co-founder, VP, and Business Development Officer at Real Estate Asset Partners (REAP), where we merge high-return real estate investment with a moral imperative to strengthen communities.

With over 20 years of business development experience, I pair Investors with opportunities to transform and reposition commercial and residential properties in under-performing communities for optimal growth and ROI. Additionally, I build relationships with regional, leasing, and on-site managers to safeguard investment in the assets I evaluate and negotiate.

As a business owner and former resident, I focus on sourcing opportunities that provide our partners a unique proposition to not only build property value, but to invest in improving the lives of our tenants.

I welcome connections with Investors and Lenders interested in our mission: building multifamily properties that empower people and communities with resources, programs, and tools for developing life skills and financial literacy to enhance their economic viability and mobility.