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Our mission is to empower one million people worldwide with the knowledge and skills to enhance their financial IQ, thereby fostering a global community of financially free individuals. How do we achieve this? By teaching principles of finance and strategic thinking, impacting one person at a time.

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Over the past decade, Steve Coughran has successfully turned around, invested in, and grown million and billion-dollar companies. Currently, at the helm of Coltivar, a strategic financial advisory firm, he empowers companies to achieve successful financial, operational, and strategic transformations. Steve doesn't just teach these principles; he lives them every day.


Hi, I'm Steve Coughran.

I started Boosting Your Financial IQ with the goal of helping people like you to achieve financial freedom. When you attain both financial and philosophical freedom, you gain the ability to create, grow, and become your best self, thereby enabling you to positively impact the lives of others. This is how, together, we can change the world.

Growing up in a single-parent household with six siblings, money was always tight. We always had an abundance of love, thanks to my incredible mom; but when it came to money, there was never enough.

Witnessing my mom struggle to make ends meet ignited a fire within me ‚Äď I wanted a better financial life.

The only problem was I started my journey in business completely clueless about finances. Financial statements might as well have been written in a foreign language - and strategy? It was a concept that eluded me entirely.

Fast forward two decades, and my life has undergone a radical transformation. 


I committed myself to increasing my financial intelligence, earning degrees in accounting and finance, and an MBA with a specialization in international strategy (I know, total nerd alert!). Additionally, I have successfully launched multiple businesses, including Coltivar, authored several published books, orchestrated the turnaround of struggling companies, and raised millions in capital to fuel their rapid growth. In my role as a CFO and investor, I have been instrumental in helping businesses and individuals, just like you, achieve their utmost goals.

Boosting Your Financial IQ began as a humble podcast, with only a handful of downloads each week (mostly from my mom and sister). But now, it has become a major platform with a global reach, connecting with countless people in the business world.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to connect with individuals like you and help you on your own financial journey. 


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