Finally we meet!

We've been looking for you. Join us as we try to make finance and entrepreneurship a whole lot easier, faster, less stressful, and more fun for millions of people across the world.  We want you to be a part of this journey.



Hi there! 

I'm Steve Coughran, the founder of Boosting Your Financial IQ. 

I'm thrilled that you've found your way here because it means you're ready for a better financial life. 

I'm sure your not here to read about my life story, but if you're interested in that (I'm humbled, really I am), then go here.

But let's skip the long-winded introduction and get straight to the point.

Growing up in a single-parent household with six siblings, money was always tight. 


We had an abundance of it, thanks to my incredible mom. 

But when it came to money, there was never enough. 

Witnessing my mom struggle to make ends meet ignited a fire within me – I wanted a better financial life.

But here's the thing: 

I started my journey in business completely clueless about finances. 

Financial statements might as well have been written in a foreign language, and strategy? 

It was a concept that eluded me entirely.

Fast forward two decades, and my life has undergone a radical transformation. 

I committed myself to increasing my financial intelligence, earning degrees, starting successful businesses, turning around struggling companies, and raising millions of dollars in capital to supercharge their growth. 

I've served as a CFO and an investor, helping businesses and individuals just like you achieve their biggest goals.

Boosting Your Financial IQ began as a humble podcast, with only a handful of downloads each week (mostly from my mom and sister). 

But now, it has become a major platform with a global reach, connecting with countless people in the business world.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to connect with individuals like you and help you on your own financial journey. 

But enough about me – 

I want to know more about you. 

And that begins by...


Our values ensure your success.


Empowers the pursuit of one's highest purpose without undue limitations.


Unlocks endless possibilities and drives innovative solutions.


Propels individuals towards extraordinary success and their full potential.


Establishes trust, fosters connections, and creates lasting impact.

Be a part of our tribe.

Boosting Your Financial IQ (BYFIQ) is your go-to financial media platform for transforming your financial life. Our programs, resources, and community empower individuals like you to achieve better financial outcomes. Unlike other advisors or educators who may have conflicting interests, BYFIQ provides unbiased, straightforward, and actionable wisdom that helps you make sustainable profits. Backed by real-world experience from entrepreneurs, executives, and financial professionals, our approach fast-tracks your financial literacy skills. We believe in the power of kindness, meeting you wherever you are in life and elevating you to new levels of success. Join us on the path to freedom.