Meet one of our expert podcast guests.

Travis Hendrick

Director of Finance, Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

A people-first business professional with a strong background in finance and business operations in the construction industry. While I push for data governance to assist with making data-driven decisions, I am extremely sensitive to the impacts that any potential decision may have on people and strive to mitigate those impacts to the greatest extent possible. Asking questions in an effort to learn or to uncover areas for improvement are at my core - I am always striving to be better and work to influence others to take this approach. I also seek out every opportunity to put a smile on someone's face.

I’ve learned that the greatest rewards in a person's career do not stem from obtaining titles or showing a list of personal accomplishments, rather, from having a hand in other people’s success and knowing that a lifelong relationship has been formed. Life is about memories made with others and trying to cast our net of impact as far and as wide as possible during our journey called life.