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Thomas Walle

CEO, Unacast

For almost the last decade, I’ve been obsessed with developing data-driven solutions designed to improve the way retailers and investment professionals make business decisions. I started Unacast with my co-founder KJ, to help businesses with an in-depth understanding of how people move around on the planet. Since the inception, Unacast has raised +$50m from VCs and have been awarded multiple awards for our tech platform to enable companies in retail, real estate, finance, and telcos to optimize their investment strategies and retail operations. Prior to Unacast, I was a part of the early team at the music streaming service TIDAL (crazy ride), which was acquired by Jay Z in 2014. I love what I do and regularly share my opinion on tech and startups as a member of Forbes Technology Council or in Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.