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You've been in the business game long enough and you're ready to start living the financial life you deserve. These courses are the most direct path to driving better financial results and making more money in business.


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This is the perfect option for forward-thinking executives who want to upskill their teams and empower them with new levels of financial intelligence so they can uncover financial opportunities and drive more value in their respective roles.

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In the competitive business landscape, the most lucrative companies recognize the pivotal role of financial literacy across all organizational levels. At BYFIQ, we specialize in tailoring financial training to align with the unique needs of each company. Now, access comprehensive financial education conveniently from your own office, ensuring your team is equipped for financial excellence.


Meet your strategic financial guide:

Steve Coughran

As BYFIQ's Founder, Steve Coughran empowers business professionals in financial decision-making, driving value in their companies. Through his consulting firm Coltivar, he's generated over a billion dollars by turning around and growing businesses.

Steve excels in solving intricate problems and advising leaders across diverse industries, including technology, renewable energy, construction, and financial services. With roles as a strategic CFO, management consultant, and entrepreneur, he's honed expertise in accelerating SaaS business growth, M&A, corporate restructurings, raising capital, and building high-performing teams through emotional connection.

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