Meet one of our expert podcast guests.

Steven T. Ginsburg

Founding Partner, Restore Detox Centers


Steven T. Ginsburg is  a successful businessman  who has been actively involved in the commercial real estate and hospitality field for over 31 years. He has also been in and around recovery and sobriety since 1988. Today Steven is a champion for change and a success story for sobriety. He coaches business leaders, educators, and families to healthier habits and rewarding results. He is currently one of the founding partners and principals at Restore Detox Center, a 24-hour treatment facility in southern California., that provides detoxification services and residential treatment for people seeking to restore their lives.  Since his recovery, he also founded CurePro and serves as a personal coach and aftercare specialist helping addicts turn their lives around. In addition, Steven speaks regularly sharing his story and helping educate to raise awareness with children, parents, and business leaders regarding the early signs that lead to addiction. Steven was born and raised in Highland Park, Illinois, and currently resides in North County San Diego, California, with his wife, Nicole, and their two children.