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Spencer Sherman


Spencer Sherman (MBA, CFP®) is a leading financial advisor, author, and public speaker, renowned for his mindfulness-based approach to money. As the founder and former CEO of Abacus, a values-driven financial consulting firm managing over $3 billion in assets, Spencer has transformed the lives of his clients and helped them achieve financial success on their own terms. Spencer challenges the stereotypical image of an MBA. He wears a suit and tie, but also leads guided meditations on money, participates in transformative events like Wisdom 2.0 and attends several week long silent meditation retreats each year. Contrary to the conventional belief that money is just about facts and figures, Spencer asserts that emotional intelligence is paramount. As a financial advisor, he has guided countless clients to grow their wealth. In his view, formal training and expertise take a backseat to the profound impact of emotional intelligence – which allows individuals to make sound financial decisions rooted in balance, kindness, compassion, and joy. Spencer's own journey began after a devastating fire in his office building, which led to the realization that he had a fixed set of beliefs about money that were limiting his freedom and success. The fire was a wake up call, which ultimately led Spencer to attend his first silent Buddhist meditation retreat, and to found Abacus Wealth Partners, a sustainable financial firm with Buddhist values. As he shifted his approach to finances, prioritizing self-worth as much as net worth and promoting balanced decision-making over impulsive actions, the results were remarkable. Spencer became more successful and his clients found greater freedom, retired earlier, and devoted more time to their families and charitable causes. With a wealth of experience working with people from diverse financial backgrounds and cultural contexts, Spencer firmly believes that regardless of who you are, or your current financial circumstances, you possess the potential to achieve financial well-being akin to that of the so-called "experts."