Meet one of our expert podcast guests.

Dawn Bloomer

Business Strategist, Productive Pressure


Dawn is the founder of “Productive Pressure™”, a philosophy and method that masterfully balances the drive for success with a safeguard against burnout. Her experiences in nurturing her veterinary practice, spearheading growth, fostering strategic alliances, and orchestrating its successful acquisition by a large aggregator, have fortified her with an understanding of the intricate dynamics of business expansion and exit planning. Armed with an MBA and decades of hands-on experience, Dawn has worked with hundreds of practice owners, immersing herself in an in-depth analysis of profit and loss statements and balance sheets. Her diligent exploration uncovered a universal thread of challenges faced by businesses of all sizes and across various locations. It inspired her to design the Practice Freedom Accelerator method, an innovative system that empowers practice owners to step back from being the epicenter of their businesses, freeing up precious time to pursue passions and increase practice value for future transitions. Dawn passionately engages in discussions on business strategy, exit planning, self-leadership, work-life integration, and the intelligent utilization of technology for business enhancement. As an advocate of continuous learning and self-improvement, she regularly experiments with creating new efficiencies in productivity and is a keen enthusiast of biohacking for self-care and mental health. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and a strategic advisor, Dawn specializes in working with clients across legal, engineering, healthcare, and architecture sectors. Her assertive attitude, meticulous nature, and deep concern for her clients make her the ideal strategic partner for business growth. Dawn's ultimate goal is to help practice owners understand the crucial importance of proactive exit planning, whether they intend to transition in a year or a decade.