Meet one of our expert podcast guests.

David Arato

Owner, Gelato 101

My name is David Arato, owner and CEO of Bottega Italiana. I have moved to the US 18 years ago from Italy, after my professional cycling career got interrupted by a knee injury. Having traveled a lot with the national team through the sport, I came to this country several times during my sports career. I always loved it here, and wanted to make it my home eventually. My American friends who visited me in Italy had to stop for Gelato 3 times a day, and could not stop talking about how much better it is then the ice cream they have in the states. I formed the idea of Bottega Italiana at that time, and the opportunity came through my injury when I was 22 years old. I stayed in Italy and learned the art of Gelato from the highest ranked Master chef in town, working for him without pay for 8 months. I also took classes that specialize in training Gelatieri, in Italy this sector is quite serious and prestigious. I arrived to Seattle in 2003, and opened my first location in June of that year in the Pike Place Market of downtown. After a tuff first year we got praised by a famous food critique in the local publications, and the business blew up. I looked for our next location in a warmer climate, and found San Diego area perfect for life and work balance. I opened our Coronado store in 2006, and grew the business with our La Jolla location in 2011. Our Italian restaurant and wine bar followed in 2018, and finally got to realize my home town store in 2019, calling it GELATO 101. I am a proud father of 4 kids, our family lives in Encinitas for the past 7 years and loving it. All my children go to PEC elementary school, participate in the Encinitas surf club, Lifeguard camp, Encinitas soccer club and so on. It is a dream come true for me to share my passion with them and our community on a daily basis now with our downtown Encinitas store.