Meet one of our expert podcast guests.

Chris Marshall

Behavioral Scientist, Institute for Financial Wellbeing


Chris Marshall, perhaps better known as The Uncertainty Scientist, describes his mission as 'helping ambitious individuals navigate and thrive in truly disruptive environments'.
Chris’s background is rooted in two fields of work: first, understanding how the world is changing as a professional futurist and macro investment strategist, providing a framework in his book Decoding Change: Understanding What The Heck Is Going On And Why We Should Be Far More Optimistic About Our Future, was published in 2022.
But as Chris puts it, understanding change is only half of the problem. With a background in behavioral science and as a High-Performance Coach, Chris delivers motivational speeches, workshops and 1:1 coaching specifically around developing the skills to navigate uncertainty, push forwards, and avoid burnout. The Pause Pause Move framework that Chris developed is at the heart of his coaching work.