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Embark on the path to financial freedom by navigating the world of business wisely, and our exceptional program will be your guide. With a focus on testing and validating ideas, refining operating models, and implementing effective go-to-market strategies, we seamlessly integrate strategy and finance to greatly enhance the chances of launching and scaling a profitable venture.

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The Boost Accelerator program is a paid solution that includes online training, assessments, benchmarking, tools, and group coaching. This program is designed specifically for ambitious business leaders who are seeking to follow a proven framework to rapidly improve their performance and change the trajectory of their organizations. Does that sound like you? The better the fit, the better the results.

Status: Accepting Applications

Format: Virtual

Access: 12 Months

Fee: $2,495

Language: English


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Take your entrepreneurial potential to the next level.


At Boost, we understand the challenges of entrepreneurship. We believe that being an entrepreneur is a privilege and presents a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of many. Money is merely a means to achieve this impact. It's about reaching your full potential and avoiding the pitfalls that cause businesses to fail. That's why we've created Boost, an exclusive accelerator program designed for growth-minded entrepreneurs. Our program combines strategic and financial principles with faith, hope, and charity, resulting in the development of ambitious and successful companies. To be considered for this life-changing opportunity, we invite you to apply and start living the life you were meant to lead.



  • Learn proven strategies and techniques to identify profitable business opportunities
  • Receive guidance on crafting a compelling go-to-market strategy that resonates with your ideal customer profile
  • Acquire practical knowledge in business strategy, financial management, and fundraising
  • Unlock the secrets of sustainable growth
  • Avoid common mistakes that can kill your business
  • Craft a winning growth strategy
  • Put in place financial management tools for growth
  • Maximize firm value
  • Manage cash flow effectively
  • Build a customer-centric operating model
  • Drive accountability and measure financial performance
  • Stay ahead with fresh insights
  • Remain accountable and motivated through our exclusive challenges
  • Access our private community forum to foster growth and collaboration


  • 12 month access
  • Online lessons
  • Video library
  • Business, strategy, and finance templates
  • Group mentoring sessions
  • Private community forum

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