Apply to be a guest on our podcast.



  • Our podcasts are designed to help listeners increase their financial literacy skills, drive greater business profits, and/or maximize returns on investments

  • Each topic should be narrow enough in scope to provide the audience with specific, actionable information that they can apply to achieve a better financial life

  • Starting with empathy and choosing a topic that our listeners want or need to hear, versus what you want to talk about, will be received much better among the audience

  • You are strongly encouraged to listen to a few episodes to get a feel for the style before submitting your application. We want to make sure there is a good fit on both sides

  • As a guest, you will receive you own guest page where we will provide a headshot, professional bio, and special links you want to share with the audience

  • The episode should never be promotional or self-serving. Humility, honesty, and kindness are highly respected. We reserve the right to not post episodes that violate our standards

If this all sounds good to you, please apply below.