Meet one of our expert podcast guests.

Aneal Valurupalli

CFO, Airbase


At just 35, Aneal has shattered the traditional mold of a CFO, transforming Airbase, a groundbreaking spend management platform, into a powerhouse that is revolutionizing how businesses control their non-payroll expenditure. Under his strategic leadership, Airbase has seen a staggering 4x revenue growth within a year, reinforcing his vision of "spendlightenment." This streamlined process dispels the irrelevant data, bridging the gap between finance and operations, ultimately freeing the teams to focus on value creation.
As a member of the esteemed Forbes Council and Operators Guild, Aneal's wisdom extends far beyond Airbase's boardroom. His own podcast, "What I Wish I Knew," features enriching conversations with fellow professionals, revealing untapped insights about finance, accounting, and operations. However, his compassion and commitment are not confined to his corporate identity. In his active engagement with the San Francisco community, he embodies the spirit of growth, innovation, and resilience, attributes your podcast so ardently endorses.