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Reframing Rich Book

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Embracing a New Money Mindset for Personal and Financial Growth 

Reframing Rich is a powerful and insightful book that will empower readers to change the way they think about money, themselves, and others so they can reach their full potential. Readers will discover more fulfilling mindsets when it comes to wealth and success that align with their personal goals and relationships. Not your "get-rich-quick” ruse, this candid yet positive and compassionate exploration of the strategies that lead to financial wellness provides readers with the tools to not only increase the number in their bank account but also achieve true satisfaction through how they view and use their money. 

Drawing on his own personal and professional experiences—from a kid in a low-income household to a young man struggling to get his start-up off the ground to the successful business leader and entrepreneur he is today—Steve provides practical strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs, managing financial anxiety, and creating a more abundant life. He utilizes his years of financial expertise to make finance fun, unintimidating, and accessible to all readers. 

Whether they're struggling with debt or simply looking for ways to improve their financial well-being, this book offers valuable insights and actionable advice that will help readers achieve new wealth, both financially and beyond.