$35.00 USD

Rolling Financial Forecasts


Instructor: Steve Coughran, Founder of BYFIQ, CFO, Entrepreneur, and Strategic Finance Expert

Brief Description: "Rolling Financial Forecasts" is a specialized course aimed at students, business professionals, and financial planners who seek to master the dynamic process of creating and updating financial forecasts. Under the expert tutelage of Steve Coughran, this course provides in-depth knowledge on gathering data, creating initial forecasts, developing rolling forecasts, and employing advanced techniques to refine these forecasts. Participants will also learn the best practices for ensuring continuous improvement and reliability in their financial forecasting efforts.

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to Rolling Forecasts: Understand the fundamentals and advantages of rolling financial forecasts over traditional methods.
  • Data Management: Learn how to collect and analyze data effectively to support accurate forecasting.
  • Forecast Development: Master the process of creating basic and advanced rolling financial forecasts.
  • Forecast Refinement: Explore advanced forecasting techniques and best practices for continuous improvement.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Foundations of Rolling Financial Forecasts

  • Introduction to the concept and benefits of rolling forecasts
  • Guidelines for collecting and analyzing the necessary data

Part 2: Developing Accurate Forecasts

  • Step-by-step creation of a basic financial forecast
  • Techniques for developing and refining rolling forecasts

Part 3: Advanced Techniques and Best Practices

  • Implementation of advanced forecasting techniques to enhance accuracy
  • Best practices for maintaining and improving forecast models

Part 4: Evaluation and Continual Learning

  • Rolling financial forecasts quiz to test knowledge and ensure understanding
  • Strategies for continuous improvement in forecast accuracy and utility

What's in it for You:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Steve Coughran, whose extensive experience as a CFO provides deep practical and theoretical insights.
  • Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on skills in creating flexible and responsive financial forecasts that can adjust to market conditions and internal changes.
  • Strategic Advantage: Implement rolling forecasts in your financial planning to stay ahead in dynamic environments, allowing for timely strategic decisions.
  • Professional Growth: Boost your capabilities in financial analysis and planning, enhancing your career prospects and organizational value.

This course is ideal for anyone involved in financial planning and analysis, offering essential skills and knowledge to implement rolling forecasts effectively, thereby transforming the financial agility and strategic responsiveness of their organization.